• Image of Young G(od)
  • Image of Young G(od)

"Young G(od)" is a conversation with the young men in our communities who are looking for and need direction.

Listen to me young G.
This world ain’t what it’s been told to be.

It’s only through your 3rd eye that you’ll find
A system in place to destroy your mind.

Your body and your soul,
It has implemented laws for your
destiny’s control.

It has infiltrated your community
Destroyed all of our attempts for unity.

Stripped you of a religion,
culture and God
So when they demonize you
it seems quite odd.

Especially when your evil’s been taught
Since way back in the day when we were bought.

They had to break you down
every way they could find
Because the essence of
who you are is so divine.

So this crown is to remind
you of these important things
And to empower your mind, body
and soul for the challenges life
will surely bring.

Because we still have a ways to go
and need your might
As we continue the work of
our ancestors, and embark upon this fight.

The plot thickens.

ARTIST: mr.soul
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Digital Painting
Archival Print
Velvet Fine Art Paper

Includes Certificate of Authenticity and "Young G" Poem

Packaged and shipped flat in a protective clear bag with backing board.